What is the new food industry?

What is the new food industry?

The term ”new food industry” refers to the part of the food industry that deals with novel food products. Important examples include vegan meat substitutes and insect-based foods. Innovations and new trends do not stop at our food. In recent years, what ends up on our plates has become increasingly important. Food is no longer just food. Climate-friendly food, vegan and vegetarian food and meat substitutes are playing an increasingly important role in today’s world. The new food industry is becoming more and more important, setting new trends, dealing with food. Many food companies in Germany are also adapting to this New Food industry. The food of the future has already entered the stage many years ago.

The New Food industry is facing a major challenge

In recent years, the issues of climate change and sustainability are taking on an increasingly important role in life. Sustainability and climate are also important players in food that should not be ignored. The meat industry in particular has a high impact on the environment. No wonder that the new food industry has jumped on this bandwagon, trying to find a solution that is not only sustainable for the climate, but at the same time healthy for people. Food is no longer just about satisfying hunger. It is about the healthy
Preservation of the body, its stabilization and a healthy life as possible.

Full in the trend – veganer life-style

Veganer live at present a trend, which is more than a life feeling. And the new food industry is also following this trend. With the renouncement of meat the environment can be taken under the arms, can animal suffering be reduced. Germany in particular has been inspired by this new trend. In no other European country is set to such an extent on vegan food, as in Germany.
But it is not only in Germany that the vegan trend is taking hold. Already more than 1 billion humans live world-wide already vegan, want to make their contribution. By a high meat consumption the environment is loaded with fertilizer masses and poison gases, with which it cannot become finished any longer. It is time that with humans a reorientation takes place, the environment by the conversion of the food is supported. If you want to have a positive impact on the climate, you should not only do without cars. Also the New Food industry makes an enormous contribution to it.

Meat substitutes play a leading role


The New Food industry is taking environmental protection to heart. Away from conventional meat, towards tasty meat substitutes. With tofu, quorn and lupine, vegan and vegetarian options for meat-free enjoyment have already been discovered, whetting the appetite for more. Grilling and roasting have long since ceased to be the preserve of meat. Meatless variants have also become increasingly popular in recent years.The new generation of food takes up the trend of meatless trends. The main aim is to replace fish and meat to a large extent. In the future, the main focus will be on protein-rich foods that provide the body with everything it needs.

Insects on the plate? Utopia or soon reality?

The toxic gas masses and the fertilizer quantities, which are reached by the meat industry, can soon no longer be stomached by the environment. New innovations are needed, new ways of feeding. Even if it may sound a bit quaint at the moment, the new food industry already has insects on its agenda. The great advantage of a diet containing insects is, above all, that the proteins the organism needs can be supplied in sufficient quantities. Insect farms have long since ceased to be an image from science fiction movies. There are already discussions about whether the meat industry will back down in favor of insect farms.

Quality is also important for New Food

Many consumers become a little skeptical when it comes to the production of sustainable food. In most cases, production is industrial, which is why many believe that sustainability could be compromised. Of course, even with new and vegan foods, there are manufacturers that act as a negative example. But this is not the rule. Who decides for vegan food, should therefore always carry out a quality check, and examine the food, their production and their origin on heart and kidneys.

EmTech Germany – new trends are presented

The new food industry is on the rise. Numerous experts and start-ups have already come together at EmTech Germany to develop the latest and most sustainable trends. What will be on the plate tomorrow needs to be extensively discussed and planned today. Because New Food also needs a preparation period so that everything can be implemented according to plan. The future of food plays a key role at EmTech Germany. Among other things, experts will also be exchanging ideas about the possibilities of changing food production. The way this production is currently structured, it cannot go on for much longer in the long term. Innovative changes are needed to meet the demands.

New Food is becoming increasingly popular in the USA

For a long time, the USA was known for its enormously high meat consumption. Factory farming in particular attracted negative publicity for many years. Enzyme and microbial technology has now made its way into the USA. GEA, based in Denmark, has been able to set its first, but important, foot in the U.S. with a major order. In 2023, food production with plant-based proteins will start in Nebraska. Not only in Europe, but also in the U.S., demand is growing for sustainable foods that bring with them outstanding environmental credentials.

We are what we eat. In recent years, it is no longer enough for food to fill the plate. Attention is being paid to sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare. This makes it all the more important for the new food industry to stand out more and more, and to pick up on new trends. The food of the future will have to change. Factory farming will not be sustainable on this scale. The environment will be polluted to such an extent that a rethink will have to take place with regard to food. More and more people are turning to the new foods that are vegan and meatless. This trend will expand, new food options will be created. Protein-rich plant-based products will soon dominate our everyday lives – and that’s a good thing. Because with the right food choices and the support of the new food industry, the right step can definitely be taken in the direction of sustainability, animal welfare and environmental relief.

Source: EmTech 

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